Drinkers 10 Automatic Waterer Cups
  • Drinkers 10 Automatic Waterer Cups
  • Drinkers 10 Automatic Waterer Cups

10 Automatic Waterer Cups


Automatic Heavy Duty Poultry Water Drinking Cups

Made in North America .



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  • This Cup is a great way to Provide Fresh Water on Demand to your Birds.

  • Filled Automatically when birds peck at the built in plunger.

  • Drinker cup is a breeze to clean, just disconnect orange cup from base. 

  • Can be used to expand an existing watering system or can be attached to a bucket/container of your choice to create a gravity fed water system.

Note: Drinker Cup requires a Low Pressure, IDEALLY uses a 5 Gallon Bucket or Water Reducer no more than 5 psi.


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