automatic drinker cup poultry
  • automatic drinker cup poultry
  • automatic drinker cup poultry
  • automatic drinker cup poultry


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      •   Automatic Heavy Duty Poultry Water Drinking Cups  Made in North America .

Automatic Drinker Cups.

Free included hardware Kit:

 O-rings, Washers, Plastic Flanged Nut “to avoid corrosion”



·         This Cup is a great way to Provide Fresh Water on Demand to

your Birds.


·        The advantages of Using "Plastic Nut instead"of a metal Nut is the simple FACT of the Additives 

    That you can add to your water I.E apple vinegar “which is a natural de-wormer” 

it won’t react with the Plastic BUT will react with Metal (corroding) eating it away

 thus Contaminating your Water and eventually your Birds


·         Filled Automatically when birds peck at the built-in plunger.


·         The Drinker cup are a breeze to Clean, just disconnect orange cup from the mounts


·         Can be used to expand an existing watering system, or can be attached to a bucket or a water container

 of your choose to create a gravity fed water system.


·         Note: Simply drill a 3/8" hole into your bucket, and Thread in 

Your drinkers and install hardware on rear. you can use Teflon tape or silicon or added seal. Very simple.


·          Drinker Cup requires a Low Pressure, IDEAL uses a 5 Gallon Bucket or Water PSI Reducer no more than 5 psi. 


·         You can get a Tons of ideas on “”YouTube”” on how to install them.


·         Any further questions will be answered the same day around    3 PM PST and later



·           "" Made in North America "" .




We "Try" to Ship Out the same Business Day you Purchased your Item if Purchases before 2 PM (Monday - Friday) Pacific Standard Time.

 It’s shipped out by "" USPS FIRST CLASS ""


 USPS is Out of Our Hands but,  *******It’s Fast, Safe AND Easy to Track.*******  


We ship out to Only Verified Addresses in US to the 48 Contiguous States Provided

automatic drinker cup poultry

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