Auto float drinker cups
  • Auto float drinker cups
  • Auto float drinker cups
  • Auto float drinker cups

6 Auto float drinker cups “Drinker Cups”

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6 Auto float drinker cups

“Drinker Cups”



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·       6 Drinker Cups

·       6 Tees 


·       These drinker cups are easy to install on almost any welded wire or wire panels.

·       The drinkers will help keep your cage drier and reduce the smell of wet manure.

·       These cups can be used for most ages of birds. Just make sure they can reach it so the birds can have an abundance of water.

·       We recommend these drinkers be installed on the outside of the cage.

·       These “ drinkers” as we call them in the shop already have a built-in clip on both sides so they can be oriented either facing left or right.

·       Simple to clean

·       We recommend these on a gravity or a low pressure of about 5 PSI.

Auto float drinker cups

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