Parts Quail Leg Bands Assorted
  • Parts Quail Leg Bands Assorted
  • Parts Quail Leg Bands Assorted
  • Parts Quail Leg Bands Assorted

Quail Leg Bands Assorted


Colors Available:

·       RED

·       YELLOW

·       GREEN

·       BLUE



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These leg bands are ideal to be able to differentiate between birds of the same breed they would be ideal for Quail.

These leg bands are made from durable and fade resistant plastic which will last for years and are very easy to put on by clicking into place once around the bird's leg.

They can be removed by sliding apart and can be re-used repeatedly. Since the rings are flat it is possible to personalize them with a marker pen (e.g., Name of the bird).

The rings are designed to be a snug fit, obviously an oversized ring will fall off or get trapped on the birds’ feet and an undersized ring will be uncomfortable for the bird.

A suitable sized ring should be able to spin around and move up and down the bird’s leg freely.


Colors Available:

·       RED

·       YELLOW

·       GREEN

·       BLUE

If you have a preference on colors leave a note

Quail leg Bands

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