30" Heavy Duty
  • 30" Heavy Duty

Quail Cage 30" Heavy Duty Community (Full Section)

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Single unit Cage you can keep them in a breeder setup or a community setup 


●     Cages are shipped assembled only assembly required is the stand


●     Heavy duty, high grade 14 gauge wire and metal side to prolong the life of the cage


●     Heavy gauge wire flooring to prevent injuries on the bird’s feet


●     Total Cage Dimensions (L: 30”, W: 24,” H:30”)


Rectangular structure very versatile, carriers are fully Galvanized sheet metal, very strong body construction, cage are able to be stacked up 5 cages high.



●     Proper Egg slope eggs roll out in front of the cage under the feeder.


●     Feeder and trays made of Galvanized sheet metal


●     Fully modular system meaning Cages can be added with ease in the future.


●     Feeders have Feed Containing/Protector Edge






·         1 Cage 


·         2 Heavy duty Drinkers


·         1 Sheet Metal Tray


·         1 Sheet metal feeder


·         1 Stand


·         1 "Free" Adapter Water Hose to Container


·         1 Barbed Tee and Hose 


30" Heavy Duty

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