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Quail Cage PVC Coated Metal Collapsible
  • Quail Cage PVC Coated Metal Collapsible
  • Quail Cage PVC Coated Metal Collapsible

Quail Cage PVC Coated Metal Collapsible


Total Dimensions:

20 ¼ x 20 ¼ x 11 ½

Habitat Dimensions:

20 x 20 x 9

Quail cage Community and Breeder convertible.

Ideal for Hatching eggs and Meat production.

These Are ready to ship in 3-5 days.



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Collapsed cage


Waste Tray 

Ring Fasteners 

1 FREE drinker with adapter to water reservoir (Tupperware ideally)


·       Commercially 10-14 quail could fit but realistically 6-8 depending on breed (size of the quail) and temperature.

·       This cage system is fully PVC coated wire Ideal for Jumbo Brown Quail.

·       Rust Resistant coating consisting of metal wire coated with PVC for a long-lasting durable system.

·       The sides of the cage have a solid guard to keep the waste from going out and to help the breeding process by not allowing the bird to peep over the side.

·       Power washable cage system making this an Easy and Sanitary system to use.

·       The cage has 2 doors allowing a partition to be installed.

·       Water is clean due to algae-free hose that come with the FREE drinker system.

·       This system has an egg rollout tray for easy egg collection in the front under the feeder and enjoy waste free egg.

·       Very simple and secure metal slip ring door lock system.   

·       It’s light weight body adds the ability to be hung from it corners on an overhang or low roof.

·       Simple and easy to use system for both operator and birds because it can be a community cage system and a breeder cage.

·       This cage can also be " Stacked " one on top for the other thanks to its built-in stand/ waste tray holder.

·       The cage comes with 1 FREE drinker cup and water reservoir adapter (Tupperware ideally) to help get you started.

·       The ring fasteners are simple to close using a set of pliers. The cage arrives collapse.

·       This is an excellent cage for those looking to do homesteading, hobbyist, and beginners.  

·       The floor is 1” x ½ “PVC coated wire that allows the Waste to go through Efficiently and dropped into a sturdy Galvanized tray.

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