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Wynola Ranch

36"-5 Tier Breeding Battery (7 Sections)

36"-5 Tier Breeding Battery (7 Sections)

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·       5 cages

·       5 High-capacity galvanized sheet metal feeders with the feed containing edge

·       Automatic drinker cup

·       Heavy duty Stand

·       5 Galvanized sheet metal waste trays for easy and sanitary waste disposal

·       Hose and adapter for any container of your choice

·       Complete hardware (screws, bolts, and nuts)


·       Wire is high grade Steel with two galvanization coats silver and golden, it is very durable and makes cleaning and sanitation including with the Torch easy

·       The floor wiring is 12-gauge welded wire and ½” 2

·       Feeders have a generous amount of feed meaning less trips for the operator thus less maintenance we recommend you use mash feed to minimize waste

·       Modular rectangular structure makes the cage very versatile.

·       Proper egg slope, so eggs roll out to front under the feeder through the egg gap.

·       This model cage is 7 sections meaning 3 community cages for egg and meat production and 2 breeder cages that can be used as hospital cage or color selection cages.

·       The egg rollout gap is wide enough for jumbo eggs to roll out with ease.

·       You can adjust the cages slope using the oval carrier holes.

·       Automatic drinker cups can also be positioned outside the cage.

·       Simple to assemble.

·       We recommend a capacity of around 100 birds in a comfortable Humane manner with enough room to run around for a good result in egg and meat production.

·       Battery dimensions without casters: W 37in x D 24in x H 66 in

·       Battery dimensions with casters: W 37in x D 24in x H 71 ¾ in

·       Cage dimensions: W 35in x D 24in x H 8 ½ in

·       The cages height was designed to prevent the birds from jumping and injuring or breaking the necks.


Note: Cage height cage 1 inch depending on what size caster you choose either 3-inch or 4-inch casters.

We do not recommend using small casters because they are more prone to get stuck easily on the ground’s imperfections.





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