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Wynola Ranch

Automatic Drinker Cup Kit 6PK

Automatic Drinker Cup Kit 6PK

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  • 6 Drinker Cups
  • 6 Tees
  • 20 Ft of hose
  • Bucket to hose adapter.

These drinker cups are easy to install on almost any welded wire or wire panels.

T drinkers will help keep your cage drier and reduce the smell of wet manure.

These cups can be used for most ages of birds. Just make sure they can reach it so the birds can have an abundance of water.

We recommend these drinkers be installed on the outside of the cage.

These drinkers already have a built-in clip on both sides so they can be oriented either facing left or right.

Simple to clean

We recommend these on a gravity or a low pressure of about 5 PSI.

Linear low density polyethylene tubing has superb stress-crack resistance and is ideal for applications requiring low-temperature flexibility and durability.

Algae resistance hose is particularly important in these applications where potential increase in water temperatures could provide a host environment for algae growth that can clog your drinker system.

Compatible with Cage drinker system connections.

UV resistant

Use compression fittings with these tubing.

Extreme resistance to acids & alkalis

  • Flexible, odorless, tasteless & non-toxic
  • Durometer hardness: 44D
  • 20' Feet length Tubing Hose
  • Brittleness temperature: -103°F
  • Maximum temperature: 120°F
  • Working pressure at 70°F: 214
  • To install simply drill a ½ hole and pull through the bucket.
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