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Wynola Ranch

Bucket ON/OFF Valve to Threaded PVC

Bucket ON/OFF Valve to Threaded PVC

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·       This kit is to connect A water reservoir to a PVC pipe water system.

·       Great kit for those looking to create or modify a water system where they can add supplements for your birds through the water container.

·       The ON/OFF valve allows you to remove your drinker cups easily without having to drain your system.

·       To install the ON/OFF valve simply make a 1” hole on the side of the container and install with one gasket on each side of the container.

·       The hose in this kit gives you the ability to have your container at a higher location from the drinker line.

·       This kit is ready to be attached to your system via ½” Threaded slip to the size of your pipe I.E ½” ¾” 1” ETC.

·       Algae resistance hose is particularly important in this applications where potential increase in water temperatures could provide a host environment for algae growth that can clog you drinker system.

·       The ON/OFF valve has an air intake port to easily drain your entire system.

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