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Caster Set For Cage Systems Heavy Duty (Locking)

Caster Set For Cage Systems Heavy Duty (Locking)

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Heavy Duty Caster Set



·       These Heavy-Duty Caster are 1 ½ “wide. This wide base allows the cage to roll over small imperfections with ease.

·       The dual locking system makes sure the cage can stop rolling or swiveling.

·       Casters are wear-resistant, smooth, silent, and easy on your floors.

·       Casters are Strong and can withstand the full weight of our cage system with birds and a water container.

·       The large bearing allows you to maneuver the cage smoothly.

·       Casters are made to handle full cage weight with birds.

·       Easy installation simply remove the end caps and slip on casters and lock them in place with set screw


Please specify the model of your cage if you purchased your cage first.

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