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Chicken Automatic Drinker Bucket KIT

Chicken Automatic Drinker Bucket KIT

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Automatic Bucket Float Valve Kit and Automatic Drinker Cups



·       All plastic construction

·       Adjustable water level

·       Does not require constant maintenance or the need to manually keep filling with a hose

·       With our right-angle garden hose adapter, the hose strain is minimized thus extending the life of your garden hose.

·       Easy installation, flexible adjustment.

·       Float head is 2 ½ in diameter and the whole float is 6 ½ in length.

·       Recommended that you use Teflon tape for added seal protection
Has a removable debris screen to keep your system free of gunk and functional.

·       The reason we choose to go with a PVC construction is because of the wider variety of vitamins and medications you can use in your system with it reacting with the valve or any part of the valve itself I.E screws, nuts, or Pins.


1- adjustable float valve
Flanged nut and rubber ring for a greater seal
1- right angle adapter
1- ½”x ¾” PVC swivel (garden hose adapter)
1- internal debris screen
4- heavy duty automatic drinker Cups
4- plastic nuts, washer, and O rings

<<< Bucket Not Included >>>

Installation instructions:

1.     Choose a bucket or container.

2.     Drill a ¾” hole 4-6 inches from the top of the bucket.

3.     Unthread your flanged nut off your float valve.

4.     Pass the float valves threaded end with rubber seal through the previously drilled hole so the rubber seal is inside the container.

5.     Thread flange nut on a tighten till snug.

6.     Apply Teflon tape to thread and thread on the 90-degree elbow.

7.     Once elbow has been tightened till snug apply Teflon tape to threads

8.     Thread your garden hose adapter till snug

9.     Choose a garden hose and thread it to the adapter.

10. Simply drill a 3/8" hole into your bucket, and Thread in

your drinkers and install hardware on rear. You can use Teflon tape or silicon or added seal. Very simple.



Installation tips:
You can use a ¾” step drill bit or a spade wood drill bit but with both be careful on how much force is applied.
A good measurement for installing your float system is to measure between 4-6 inches depending on how much water you want at one time and the weight of the bucket itself if you going to have it suspended in the air.

In the colder winter months, you can add a small water heater that you can get from most pet stores to keep your animals’ water from freezing.

A quick way to sterilize your system and keep you birds in good health is to use a capful of apple cider vinegar. (1 oz to 1 gal of water)


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