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Wynola Ranch

High-Capacity Trough Waterers

High-Capacity Trough Waterers

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High-Capacity Trough Waterers

L 15 ½” x W 4 ½” x H 3"

·       These waterers are a plentiful and reliable source of water for your birds. They can handle 7+ birds drinking from it at a time that keeps them tame and not nearly as anxious as if the had something like a nipple drinker.

·       The trough waterers are easy to manage since you can visually see the water level inside them.

·       The float is adjustable so whether you are using these inside or outside of an aviary or outside you cage system you can adjust the water level for that. These drinkers can even be used for ducks.

·       The floats themselves are independent from the bird needing actuate anything so there is no need spend time training birds. The birds would drink out of instinct.

·       Easy installation can be hung on almost any welded wire or fencing used for aviaries or cages.

·       Simple and easy to clean by either dumping it out or spraying it out with a hose.

·       We recommend the drinkers be mounted on the outside of the cage, so the birds do not use it as a perch. The birds would also have more room inside their cage.

·       They can be equipped with a cover to help keep the bird safer in certain situations and keep dust out as well. Feel free to contact us regarding that.

·       The Troughs are ideal for hotter summer weather because they can fill faster than other drinkers providing the birds quick and easy access to water.

·       These troughs can be used for both growers and adult birds. All you would need to do is adjust the drinker height as well as water level.

·       If you have hard water or lots of calcium in your water, we recommend a filter in you water line.


Note: The FREE elbow is simply threaded a couple turns. Once you receive the trough make sure to tighten the Elbow and leave it at desired orientation. we ADVISE the use of Teflon tape or silicon on the threads for a improved seal.

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