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J-Feeder Heavy Duty 5.5 (3 pack)

J-Feeder Heavy Duty 5.5 (3 pack)

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J-Feeder Heavy Duty 5.5”


·       The feeders features solid bottoms allowing the use of fine mashed feeds or grain.

·       These J-feeders come with lid already no need to buy them separately.

·       Two hooks are provided per feeder.

·       If the feeders are attached to a wall two holes are in the rear panel of the feeders to help fasten them to a wall.

·       Hinged lids to prevent it from blowing or coming off.

·       Heavy Duty 22-gauge sheet metal.

·       Simple to assemble.

·       Shipped disassembled by default. An assembled option is available.


We have options to choose from, price may vary.

(1)  Economic: You receive a kit. Assembly is required.

(2)  Fully Assembled: You receive the feeder fully assembled with nuts and bolts.

(3)  Fully Assembled Riveted: The feeder is fully assembled and riveted together for a permanent hold.


·       These feeder are ideal for Quail, Rabbits, and other small animals.

·       The trough portion of the feeder is easy to stick into any hutch, pen, cage or enclosure and feed from the outside.

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