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Plastic Cage For Chicken, Quail, and Poultry

Plastic Cage For Chicken, Quail, and Poultry

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·       Easy-to-slide top access with two additional doors on the sides. For a total of 3 doors on this cage.

·       Larger grates on the side of the cage to allow maximum airflow for the birds while in transport.

·       Measures 29"L x 22"W x 12"H assembled. Made of heavy-duty plastic.

·       Ships flat and easily snaps together by hand (No need for rubber mallet).

·       Commercially Transport cage holds up to 10-14 chickens, But REALISTCALLY 2-5 chickens fit of about 6Lbs. Also, approximately 10-12 chicks would fit.

·       You can Easily slide the top door open to the desired amount and prevent escapees.

·       The bottom spaces are 1/2" squares (approx.). The sides are 1 1/2" x 1".

·       The carrier cannot be disassembled after putting it together. Using Vaseline or some sort of lubricant can help snap the parts together.

·       A great way to transport, quarantine or simply cage your bird temporarily.



This plastic Cage is made in China.

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