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Wynola Ranch

Quail Automatic Drinker Cups 10 pack.

Quail Automatic Drinker Cups 10 pack.

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·       No need to train your birds how to drink water.

·       Water flows automatically without tabs to push - The cups are always half full.

·       This automatic filling drinker is made of premium material and stainless spring.

·       It's also simple to clean, just spray it with a hose.  The inside water control valve ensures there is no blockage in the bowl, making it easier to clean.

·       The drinking bowl is designed with a large cup size, which is suitable for Quail, chicken, ducks, turkeys, birds and more.

·       Perfect for gravity fed systems (attached directly to a bucket) or systems with a float valve or pressure regulator. 3 PSI is the maximum pressure for the cups to work properly.

·       Buckets with or withoyt float available on the website.

·       Use a 3/8" drill bit to create holes, 1" above the base of the bucket or use 5/16ID + 7/16OD tube.

·       You can also use the ½” PVC T’s we have available on the website.

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