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Wynola Ranch

Quail Cage 30" Heavy Duty Community (Full Section)

Quail Cage 30" Heavy Duty Community (Full Section)

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30” Quail laying Cage


(Fully assembled/with egg roll out 30”H x 30”


  • 1 Heavy Duty Cage (Fully Assembled)
  • 1 Metal Feeder trough
  • 2 Auto drinker cup system
  • 1 Stand set 
  • 1 Manure Tray
  • Hoses and Tee
  • Hardware
  • Bucket Hose Adapter


     Welded wire is heavy duty with double galvanization for an exceptionally long life, and easy cleaning.

      Feed and Egg protector helps keep other animals away from both the feed and eggs. (available in the “parts” section)

       Community cage setup our recommendation is 20-25 birds since they will have more room to be in.


Cage setup depends on weather and purpose for the birds. (Cold weather they can huddle to produce heat together. During hot weather more space and ventilation is highly recommended.)

Floor wiring is 1/2" by 2" heavy duty 14-gauge welded wire.

Heavy duty flooring is exceptional at keeping high level of high hygiene for the birds by allowing the waste to pass through the gap with minimal if no sticking.

The heavy-duty floors lead to a cleaner harvest of eggs which leads to a higher hatch rate overall.

Also, our heavy-duty flooring minimizes injuries on the birds’ feet.

Rectangular structure which is very versatile. The carriers are fully galvanized Sheet metal.


If you order multiple systems leave a note on how you would like cage configured I.E all in one frame or standalone cages

A proper egg slope allows the eggs to roll out of the front gap. A standard jumbo egg could pass through.

You can adjust the cages slope using the oval carriers.

Automatic cup drinkers supply water on demand. You can position them outside of the cage as well.

Galvanized Sheet metal feeders with feed "containing edge" for minimal waste.

Galvanized Sheet metal manure Trays for easy cleaning. 

Simple to assemble.


UPS delivery is STANDARD shipping it usually takes 7-14 business days.

Cage processing and manufacturing takes place once the order is accepted.

The box weighs 22-27 lbs.


Availability within contiguous USA

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