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Quail Cage Double Rack PVC COATED floor (4 Sections)

Quail Cage Double Rack PVC COATED floor (4 Sections)

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2 Tier Quail Breeder Cage setup with four 15” sections

Total Dimensions:

(31” L x 47 ¾” W x 24” D)


·       2 cages

·       2 Feeders

·       4 auto drinker cups

·       Stand

·       2 Trays

·       Hose

·       Couplings

·       Mounting nuts and bolts

·       Metal screws

·       Cage is fully assembled.

·       Welded wire is high grade Galvanized Steel.

·       Wire gap is 1/2" x 1" and is Plastic Vinyl Coated (PVC) wire that is more than 2 MM in diameter to reduce the chance of injuries on the birds’ feet.

·       Rectangular structure very versatile, cages are fully galvanized.

·       This cage comes equipped with an egg roll out tray. The eggs roll out safely under the feeder. There is no need to open to cage to collect the eggs.

·       Automatic drinker cups are made with heavy duty plastic, and you can position the cups outside the cage as well.

·       Galvanized Sheet metal feeders with "feed containing edge protector" for minimal waste.

·       Galvanized Sheet metal manure trays.

·       Simple to assemble.

Delivered by UPS STANDARD.

Shipping usually, takes 3-14 business days.

We ship to all 48 continental states. Be prepared to receive 2 large packages with all the hardware inside. Each package is weighing approximately 30lbs give or take.

We will use the most reliable shipping method in your area and track it by GPS step by step depending on whether you purchase the insurance.




Please keep in mind all cages are pre-assembled for quality control and inspected to ensure all parts are present and accounted for, prior to even being packaged and overall to make sure your system works and so we can make sure your requirements are filled.

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