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Quail Cage H.D. Harris Pro

Quail Cage H.D. Harris Pro

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Optional modifications:


The cage can be requested with both feeders and water troughs installed on the front of the cage to be able to push the cage against the wall and just use one Feed/Egg protector per cage.


Keep in mind partitions will not be used for this configuration.



Quail cage dimensions are L:35” xW:24” xH:8.”

Total battery dimensions are L:37” xW:24” xH:72.” 


·       The wire is high grade Steel with two galvanization coats silver and gold, it has a long durable life and makes cleaning and sanitation simple and even a torch could be used.


·       The floor wiring is 1/8th in diameter by ½”x 2" to prevent the bird injuring its foot and still capable to let the birds waste to pass through with ease. It also helps make the cage sturdy.


·       The cage stand is rated to support a full cage system worth of weight with ease.


·       Feeders have a generous amount of feed meaning less trips for the operator thus less maintenance we recommend you use mash feed to minimize waste.


·       The included adapter can be put on almost any water container of your choice from a 1-gallon container up to 5-gallon bucket.


·       The float valve can be put into your water reservoir so you can have a fully automatic water system. Just keep in mind the container you choose must permit enough space for the water valve.


·       Modular rectangular structure makes the cage very versatile.


·       The cage has proper egg slope, so eggs roll out to front under the feeder through the egg gap.


·       Gap is wide enough so jumbo eggs can roll out with ease No need to open to cage.


·       You can adjust the cages slope using the oval carrier orifices depending on if you want the slope to be lighter or steeper.


·       Automatic water troughs positioned outside the cage allowing the bird a generous amount of water.


·       Simple to assemble.


·       We recommend a capacity of around 150 birds in a comfortable and Humane manner with enough room to run around in the cage for a good result in Egg and Meat production in our opinion and to promote a healthy and overall happy quail.


·       In certain industrial opinions They tend to say that cages with similar measurement can fit 170-200 quails, but it all depends on what results you want when harvesting time comes.


·       The cages height was designed to prevent the birds from jumping and injuring or breaking their necks.


·       This cage can be sectioned into up to 12 divided sections if the consumer chooses to make the dividers can be removable. The divider is ordered separately.


·       The dividers we offer are solid galvanized steel that in our opinion is safer for the bird because they can’t the other side which can lead to infighting between the sections.







Note: Cage height increases 1 inch depending on what size caster you choose, either 3-inch or 4-inch casters.




Delivered by UPS STANDARD also may use USPS and FEDEX depending on location. Shipping usually takes 3-14 business days. Shipping available to all 48 states. Be prepared to receive 6 large packages (36”x24”x12” Approx) with all the hardware inside. Each package weighs approximately 30lbs give or take.




We will use the most reliable shipping method in your area and track it by GPS step by step depending on whether you purchase the insurance.




Please keep in mind all cages are pre-assembled for quality control and inspected to ensure all parts are present and accounted for, prior to even being packaged and overall to make sure your system works and so we can make sure your requirements are filled.




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