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Quail Feeder Cage Universal

Quail Feeder Cage Universal

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3 Hole Universal Poultry Feeders

Total Dimensions:

9 ¾ x 3 ¾ x 5 ½

Head Aperture:

2x 2 ¾


·       3 slot poultry feeders made with polyethylene.

·       Mounts on the exterior side of the cage using 2 clips making it easy to fill from the outside while still easily accessible to your birds.

·       Versatile slotted mounts that are also removable and can be used basically with any fastener adding to the ability to be installed in almost any cage or aviary.

·       Hinged transparent lid for an easy view of your bird’s feed.

·       Easy to clean and is washable.

·       Great feeder for a DIY cage or aviary because it is easily attached to almost all wire.

·       Feeder can be used with multiple feed types at the same time.

·       Since the bird sticks its head into the aperture of the feeder wasted feed would be avoidable.

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