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Wynola Ranch

Quail Feeder Trough 22in Length

Quail Feeder Trough 22in Length

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Feeder Trough Red


·       Feeder Trough

·       2 Wire hangers

·       Front feeder panel

·       Feeder trough retainer


Feeder troughs can be installed on the front or rear or cages depending on cage


Ideal for DIY cages or cage projects

Recommended for barn or indoor operations.

Easy to fill open top.

Metal wire handers allow for quick and versatile installation on almost any cage.

Trough retainer reinforces the trough to allow max fill level.

Trough lip prevents birds from scratching at the feed preventing unnecessary


Easy assembly

No top on the feeder allows you to see feed level quickly without needing to open


Durable and budget friendly feeder.

Can be used with nearly all types of dry feed.

Easily removable for a quick clean up.

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