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Wynola Ranch

Tubing Hose Black Drinkers Systems

Tubing Hose Black Drinkers Systems

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Linear low density polyethylene tubing has superb stress-crack resistance and is ideal for applications requiring low-temperature flexibility and durability.


·       Algae resistance hose is particularly important in these applications where potential increase in water temperatures could provide a host environment for algae growth that can clog you drinker system.


Compatible for Cage drinker system connections.


·       UV resistant

·       Use compression fittings with these tubing

·       Extreme resistance to acids & alkalis

·       Flexible, odorless, tasteless & non-toxic

·       Durometer hardness: 44D

·       20' Feet length Tubing Hose

·       Brittleness temperature: -103°F

·       Maximum temperature: 120°F

·       Working pressure at 70°F: 214 psi

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