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Wynola Ranch

Water Reservoir and Drinker Cup Kit (On-Demand)

Water Reservoir and Drinker Cup Kit (On-Demand)

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·       Ideal Juvenile birds and adults

·       Highly versatile self-contained drinker system can be install in almost all cages

·       Allows to be filled from the outside of the cage.

·       Features a plunger cup drinker where birds peck at the plunger for water.

·       On demand plunger cup helps keep drinker cup clean longer.

·       The self-contained reservoir is ideal for fast and easy water medication or supplementation for the bird’s diet.

·       Can be installed at all hieghts so drinker remains cleaner by allowing the birds head to only reach it.

·       Quick and simple installation.

·       Flip cap makes refilling reservoir easy and quick.

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